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Our Products


Tabrida Industrial & Trading Co. S.L. TITCO offers a swift and efficient service to its customers. The company holds Health Registry No. 31.02187-C

Our products are all identified through numbered lots covered by certificate of analysis.

We send pre-shipment samples on demand under reserve of quantity .
Delivery takes place after sample approval.

Every consignement delivered is carefully registered, individualised specification issued so as to guarantee homogeneous quality on follow-on orders.

We have implemented a new range of products especially indicated for the Vegan-Vegetarian food industry. If you wish you can find more information on our Titco Green Place.


Our Produtcs:

Agar-Agar Food Grade – E 406, FCC
Agar-Agar Pharmaceutical EP, USP
Agar-Agar bacteriological
Agar-Agar purified
Agar for Plant Propagation

Agar-Agar chromogenic
Bread-Agar for manufacture of bread and cake
Agar Agar Pre-Activateed (Disolves at 80ºC. Range of Gel Strength from 30 grs/cm2 to 1000 grs/cm2)
Dehydrated culture media in bulk
Carrageenan E 407 ; E 407 A ( refined / semi-refined )
Peptones in Bulk
Rhodiola Rosea
Eleutherococcus (Siberian Gingseng)
Seaweed Specialities


Other Products:

Aloe Vera Gel 1:1 ; Gel 2:1 ; Gel concentrate 10:1 ; Gel concentrate 40:1
Aloe Vera Powder Spray-dried 100:1 ; Freeze-dried 200:1
Anthocyane E 163
Apple Flour – Organic 
Carmine Derivates E 120 ( Liquid ; Acid ; Lake ; water-soluble )
Carob Flour ( Also Organic )
Carrageenan E 407 ; E 407 A ( refined / semi-refined )
Colours Norbixin ( Water-soluble powder) Bixin/Annato ; Anthocyane E 163 ;Carmine
Essential Oils (L-Menthol, nat.cryst. ; Peppermint Oil ; Eucalyptus Oil
Fibre / Thickening Agents on cellulose basis
Gellan Gum E 418
Guar Gum ( also Organic )
Gum Arabic E 414
Nisin E 234
Gum Ghatti
Gum Karaya E 416
Gum Tragacanth E 413
ISO Ascorbate
Pre-gelatinised Wheat Flour
Shellac E 904
Tannic Acid
Tara Seed Powder E 417
Vanilla Beans
Beeswax – purified , yellow / white pastilles
Candelilla Wax (Flakes )
Carnauaba Wax (prime yellow spray-dried powder)
Xanthan Guma E 415
Infusions ; Extracts
Apple Cubes Dried ( With / without skin
Bee Pollen
Konjac – Glucomannan
Locust Bean Gum
Medicinal Herbs




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